Phear Park Skatepark

Phear Park Skatepark
“Maverick has delivered two fantastic concrete skate parks for EDDC so far. One at Allhallows, Honiton, in 2012 which has required zero maintenance since its installation and has been enjoyed by local riders who helped design it to ensure it suited their styles and preferences. The second was delivered this summer (2018) at Phear skate park, Exmouth, and has been a resounding success since its opening in September. Local users of the park also helped with the design and Maverick were very accommodating in meeting their suggestions. EDDC had previously renewed this skate park with timber ramps but they lasted less than 5 years and required continuous maintenance. I am confident the concrete facility now in place will last for decades with virtually no maintenance.

The quality of workmanship is very high particularly with the smooth transitional curve finishes that make the park flow with exceptional ease. They are a skater’s dream as minimal effort is required to travel around the parks. Maverick is also keen to build these facilities into the existing landscape making them more a piece of art than an isolated park.”

— Dave Cook - East Devon District Council
Phear Park Skatepark Exmouth

Phear Park Skatepark
Access off Withycombe Rd