+ Start a Skatepark Campaign

  • Is your skatepark old and in need of replacement?
  • Maybe you don't have a skatepark in your town and would like one?
  • Work with us to create a new facility

+ Get the Community Involved

  • Get a community group together to support the cause
  • Get the Council on-board and speak to the local community

+ Find a Potential Site

  • Find a suitable space for the Skatepark
  • Get the site agreed with the council

+ Design Your Park

  • Work closely with all stakeholders to get a Skatepark design together
  • Agree on a skatepark design and apply for planning permission

+ Fundraise

  • Identify funding sources and apply for funds

+ Build

  • Enjoy your fresh Maverick 'crete!

We can support you through all the stages of your project. If you want support, get in touch and we will help you.

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